Foot Trail Films creates media content to grow businesses and educate audiences on environmentalism and sustainability.

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We have extensive experience crafting stories. Discover the lives of their stars. 

Food Porn


From New York to Miami, we've designed compelling and personal image content for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 



We entertain too.

Leaders paving the way towards a healthy & sustainable existence. 


We make compelling content, but the real heroes are those in our videos. From farms to forests, sharing the true stories of environmental leaders is what Foot Trail Films does best.


Personalized video content for growing green business.


Looking for new ways to reach your consumer market? Videos are the perfect way of engaging your audience online.  At Foot Trail Films, we've created ad campaigns, small business profiles, and fundraiser videos to help our clients connect with customers old and new. 


Fiction is fun, and can send a strong message. 


We all think differently, and sometimes an underlying theme in a good tall tale is exactly what we need to adjust our mindsets.  Foot Trail Films has produced a few independent films to keep our skill sharp.

ALPHA: Three subjects are pit against each other in a fight for their lives. May the best subject win. Production by Monolopolus Production, Foot Trail Films, On Camera Combatives.

A wayworn witch tribe finds asylum on land they falsely believe to be forgotten. Foot Trail Films & Laser Pigeon Pictures present "The Refuge," a Halloween short film with timeless themes.